Hello there! I’m Ian – a photographer and designer based out of Ann Arbor. I just wrapped up a Masters of Science in Information degree and U of M, and am working as a UX designer for my day job. 
What I love to photograph best are stories, and telling a story through photography. If you are interested in having me tell yours, get in touch!
To see what kind of equipment I shoot with as a mirrorless photographer, take a look at my gear below. To stay up to date on my photography, follow me on Instagram. For my professional info and background, check my portfolio website.
Happy viewing!
Fujifilm X-Pro2 (x2)

Fuji’s flagship rangefinder style camera, with classic looks and thoughtful usability design.

50-140 f/2.8

This 70-200mm equivalent lens is perfect for capturing moments without being in the mix.

56mm f/1.2

An 85mm full frame equivalent lens for smooth portraits – seriously fast glass.

35mm f/.95

This tiny 50m equivalent lens is best for street and unobtrusive photos, with awesome depth of field.

23mm f/2.0

Another tiny lens, for a classic 35mm equivalent experience.

9mm f/2.8

Amazing zero distortion performance in a wide angle lightweight lens. (Photo courtesy of BHphoto.com)

18-55mm f/2.8-4

Despite being a kit lens, a fantastic travel worthy companion. (Photo courtesy of BHphoto.com)

Spare Batteries

No, this isn’t a joke. When you shoot Fuji, you need all the batteries.

Peak Design & Ona Bags

Three bags for every situation from street to full photoshoot capacities.

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